Our mission is to bring you More Sunny Days

Gone are the days where Alcohol is the only beverage fit for a social gathering. Whether you're out and about or relaxing on the couch, we've created a healthier beverage to give you More Sunny Days.

The Origins of Leisuretown

It all started about 2 years ago in a garage just off thee Leisuretown Rd. It was then we decided to combine our backgrounds - Brewer, Cannabis Entrepreneur & Scientist, to craft the drink we always needed in our lives.

Paradise Isn't a Place, It's a Feeling

Leisuretown's right in front of you and you're always welcomed. Whether you're stuck at work, or frustrated in traffic, Leisuretown is always an arm's length away.

Less is More

Have you ever had way too much edible...? We have... and that's why we believe in low dose Cannabis for the smoothest ride into the sunset.

Micro Dose, Major Productivity

We all have different tolerances, we've found that the synergy of 2.5mg THC/ 5mg CBD is the perfect dose for us. 1 drink gets our creative juices flowing, 2 drinks gets us feeling nice and friendly, 3 drinks we're feeling golden, 4 drinks is a party.

Strain Management

Cannabis has been used as a therapuetic since Ancient times. Of course it will get you high, but we believe in all the other healing powers of the Cannabis plant and we call this Strain Management.

Hangout > Hangover

Having fun with friends doesn't have to mean feeling like hell the next morning. Enjoy the moment, thrive in the future. 

Feel Golden

It's always Golden Hour in Leisuretown.

Real Wellness

Wellness is different for all of us. For some it might be gaining weight, biting nails or being glued to the cell phone. We know nerves are at all time highs and oftentimes alcohol just makes the problems worse. Let's clean up our vices. Welcome to Leisuretown. 

Welcome to Leisuretown.

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